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Senior Vice President | CPM®


Joy Pena is a Senior Property Manager with Capital Asset Management (“CAM”). She joined CAM in February 2020 bringing more than 17 years of commercial real estate and property management experience. Prior to joining CAM, Joy gained 10 years of experience in hotel, golf and country club management then embarked in a career in the commercial real estate industry.

She currently manages a portfolio of retail strip centers, office buildings and condominium associations. Joy is a great communicator and although she manages from an investor’s mindset, she ensures to keep her focus on the property needs while maintaining strong relationships with tenants. She makes every effort to improve her craft by ongoing education and good awareness of market trends, particularly with vacancies, market rentals, and business tools to help control property expenses. Aside from her dedication to giving exceptional property management service to owners and tenants, her main goal is to be the solution provider to meet the challenges of each property.

Joy holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics and has earned a CPM (Certified Property Manager) designation from the Institute of Real Estate Management (IREM) and is currently in the process of obtaining the AMO (Accredited Management Organization) accreditation for CAM. In addition to her career, Joy loves to spending time with her family; most especially her kids. Joy’s passion is cooking, her love for cooking developed at age five as she spent most of her childhood being the “sous chef” of her maternal grandmother. She learned to cook by watching her grandmother prepare a feast for the clan on Sundays. You will find her in the kitchen during her spare time experimenting and concocting recipes.

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