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Property Management

You only have to go to one place for all your property needs.   As property managers, we strive to develop strong, mutually beneficial relationships with our clients built on trust, continuous communication and information.


By providing and maintaining open communication, we are able to create a strong relationship with our tenants.


Capital Asset Management promises to provide a continuous stream of information to always keep tenants in the loop.


The budget is the centerpiece of our work. We analyze expenses to make sure they are in line with industry standards and evaluate vendors for their quality of work.

tenant retention

Tenant retention is all about building positive relationships. By creating strong relationships with current tenants, we attract prospective tenants, therefore, increasing property value.

Aerial View of a Houses

It's Your Money

It is your property and you control where the money goes. Monthly reports will keep you abreast of all financial activity.  You approve the expenses and monthly distributions are done to put the money where it belongs, your bank account.

Increasing Property Value

Tenant Retention

We're here to help create a positive tenant relationship while making appropriate accommodations to complete necessary tasks.

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Aerial View of a Houses
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Budget & Reporting

Budgets are critical to our work.  We believe it is important to plan for the year ahead to ensure all tasks can be completed in a financially responsible manner.  Capital Asset Management uses a variety of  reports to bring all clients and tenants the best quality in budgets and reporting.


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    Managing Tenants

    Capital Asset Management builds strong tenant relationships to maintain tenant retention. By creating lasting and respected relationships, CAM is able to oversee and effectively manage all tenants.

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    Collecting Rent

    We are efficient in rental collections by offering recurring ACH and one-time credit card payments which helps by keeping delinquency to a minimum.

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    Contract Vendors

    Capital Asset Management only works with a preferred list of licensed and bonded vendors to ensure all liability is covered while performing services on your property.

  • Paying Expenses

    We promise to maintain a well-kept payment schedule by using a software system which allows us to pay invoices in a prompt and timely manner.

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    Property Inspections

    Property inspections are performed on a bi-monthly basis to ensure your landscaping, buildings, and grounds are always maintained and well-kept.

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    CAM Reconciliations

    Common areas are a critical space in any property and their maintenance is just as important. We are strict on fine-tuning our yearly budgets so the variance from CAM reconciliations is minimal.



"Capital Asset Management has been our right arm through the worst and best of times in commercial real estate…”

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