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Valorie Martin is an Associate with Capital Asset Management (“CAM”). As a Licensed Real Estate Agent, she has been with CAM since February 2018. Prior to working for CAM she briefly worked on the residential side of real estate - but decided to take on a new challenge and pursue commercial leasing and development.
Born and raised in Scottsdale, AZ; she has always been an entrepreneur- but first realized it at the age of 22 when she successfully built and managed one of the largest flower shop delivery businesses in the Phoenix area. The business was sought after and sold within a few years. But her passion was born and has continued to manifest itself through several successful ventures. Over the years her path has crossed with thousands of professionals from multiple industries. Rather it be from her years in transportation or the indoor Xtreme trampoline and skate park she created, one thing is certain; her customers and contacts know that she has their best interests at heart at a very personal level.

Valorie’s passion for construction and design was further developed during her creation of Arizona’s finest trampoline and skateboard park, “Xtreme Air” which she created and then managed from 2010 - 2015 before it was sold. “I learned through the years being on both sides of the spectrum as a tenant and now representing the landlord. I know how to help entrepreneurs find that perfect location for their business.” In addition to her career, Valorie enjoys spending time with her friends & family, and playing tennis and pickleball!

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