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Aaron Strole



Aaron Strole is the owner and founder of Capital Asset Management, LLC (“CAM”) a full service commercial real estate firm focusing on the development and management of commercial ventures from both the developer and institutional sides of the transactions.

Aaron Strole graduated with a master’s in business administration from the University of Texas at Austin. After receiving his MBA, he worked for IBM as a management consultant and moved to New York, NY to join their Business Strategy Practice. While consulting there for over six years, he helped to shape corporate strategy, improve processes, and analyze financials for dozens of clients including Nissan, Intel, and Chevron.

Mr. Strole started his career in real estate while at IBM by investing in his own properties. He always had a passion for real estate and left consulting to pursue his own business along with his wife Rachelle. In 2009, they became the founding members of Capital Asset Management (CAM). With his wealth of experience and industry knowledge, Mr. Strole has been leading the property management group of CAM ever since. His beliefs in continual learning, listening to clients, and operational excellence have shaped and grown the business into a leading, family owned real estate company.

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